Jeff Edwards

Jeff co-founded Touchstone Consultants in 2000. As director/shareholder Jeff has been involved in the management and administration of Touchstone since then and has continued to provide contractual and commercial advice to clients in all sectors of the industry.

Jeff has also acted as expert witness and has been extensively involved in the provision of adjudication support both to referring parties and to respondents and has represented clients at adjudication hearings on a number of occasions.

Jeff is experienced in many of the widely used industry standard forms of main and sub-contract as well as bespoke contracts and a number of consultancy agreements.

Nicholas Todd

Nicholas is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and RICS Registered Expert Witness who specialises in forensic delay analysis.

He is experienced in the preparation of extension of time claims for adjudication, arbitration and litigation on behalf of contracting organisations, typically involving the researching, collation and presentation of evidence to establish the existence of delay and disruption events as well as the assessment of their impact upon the progress of the works.  Nicholas is also experienced in all the major recognised methods of forensic delay analysis.

Mathew Cowell

Mat is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 28 years of experience and has been working as a consultant for Touchstone for seven years on a variety of quantum and delay matters. This entails contractual and factual analysis and then articulating that analysis supported by evidence.

Mat is a member of the RICS President’s Panel of Construction Adjudicators and the RICS Consumer Adjudication panel and also frequently acts a party representative in construction adjudications. Specialises in the preparation and evaluation of claims for additional time and money and also advises on other contentious and non-contentious issues.

Duncan Prosser

Duncan has nearly 30 years of experience as a Quantity Surveyor. He specialises in cost planning, measurement, valuation and tactical bid strategy.

Duncan Manages a team of 5 consultants assisting him in his specialisation. He and his team support the dispute team when their skills are required.

Paul Swinburn

Paul is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Procurer with over 40 years of experience working directly and indirectly for both client and contracting organisations.

Paul has provided specialist contract, commercial, procurement and dispute management services on many high profile, high value contracts.  Particular emphasis in recent years has been on working with contractors in the preparation of claims and the resolution of complex contentious issues and disputes.

Matt Chesterman
BSc(Hons) MCIArb

Matt is commercial manager and quantity surveyor with over 17 years of industry experience.

He specialises in the commercial management of construction projects with particular emphasis upon the production of claims for quantum and time claims and the strategy of how to prosecute those claims.

David Owen

David is a forensic delay analyst who is also a Chartered Project Manager and engineer, with nearly 30 years of industry experience. 

He specialises in researching the existence of delay events and the production of delay analyses which demonstrate entitlement to extension of time and identify the presence of potential concurrent delay to help demonstrate entitlement to loss and expense. 

David contributed to the 5th edition of “Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts – First Supplement” (2017) by Andrew Burr.  

Liam Melly
FCIArb MCIOB MACostE MSc DipArb BSc(Hons)

Liam is a Civil Engineer, a Chartered Construction Manager and Chartered with the Institute of Arbitrators on the Construction Adjudication pathway as well as a RICS Expert Witness certificate holder.

Liam is a forensic delay analyst, using his construction knowledge to produce all major forms of forensic delay analysis. His reports have been used to assists with final accounts and formal disputes which have been taken to adjudication.

Andy Ostle
MCIArb BSc(Hons)

Andy is commercial manager and quantity surveyor with over 25 years of industry experience.

Coming from a Main Contractor background, Andy specialises in the strategic commercial management of large-scale construction projects with particular emphasis upon the preparation of analyses and narratives focusing on securing extensions of time and the recovery of loss and/or expense.

Nathan Cosh

Nathan is a quantity surveyor with over 15 years’ experience who specialises in the production of forensic analyses of quantum and delay matters on construction projects. He has experience across a range of construction sectors (including mixed use, data centres, processing plants, transport, energy, oil and gas, and broadcasting) and contract types.

Nathan has been appointed to provide independent expert evidence on matters of delay and quantum in adjudication proceedings as well as authoring a number of academic articles.

Adam McCarthy

Adam is a Quantity Surveyor with over 20 years experience.

He has held senior positions with numerous Main Contractors and is vastly experienced in all commercial matters with an excellent working knowledge of all forms of contract prevalent in UK construction. He specialises in the preparation of extension of time and quantum claims and a range of other commercial matters.

He is currently studying for an MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at Kings College London.

David Shearman

David has over 30 years’ experience as a Quantity Surveyor and is a RICS Accredited Mediator.

He is vastly experienced in all commercial issues, having held senior positions with a number of Main Contractors. He now specialises in providing advice on contractual entitlements, variations and dispute management including the preparation of quantum and delay claims.

Robert Batrick

Robert is a Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager with 20 years experience in the construction industry. He has worked extensively in the UK, Singapore, Thailand and Australia.

He specialises in providing strategic project management within the construction industry. He also specialises in Cost Control, Programme Delivery and Design Management.

Robert has recently completed and Msc in Construction Law and practice at the University of Salford.

James Shanks

James is an NEC4 accredited Project Manager possessing vast experience in the management of all NEC contracts. He has 30 years of experience in the construction industry and has held several Commercial Director positions with national contractors.

He specialises in contract negotiation and formation, commercial tactics and advice. Throughout his career he has been successful in solving contentious disputes internally and also provides NEC contract training.

James prides himself on his integrity and the impartiality of the advice he provides.  He is adept at problem solving and enjoys facilitating communication between parties to help achieve resolution of disputes before they are formalised.

Gavin Sayers

Has over 40 years’ contract and commercial management experience gained across a broad range of construction sectors for both client and contracting organisations.

Emma Johnson

Emma specialises in quantity surveying and commercial management. Emma deals with the Full preparation of and/or assistance, as required, in the preparation of claims including extension of time and loss and expense claims on behalf of Contractors and Sub-Contractors and/or assisting Employer’s, Lawyer’s and Other Consultants.

Emma is also involved in Identifying, measuring and valuing changes including presenting the information for a final account and/or claim purposes on behalf of Contractors and Sub-Contractors and/or assisting Employer’s, Lawyer’s and Other Consultants.

Trish Kennedy
ACIarb BSc(Hons)

Emma McIntosh
MSc BSc(Hons)

Emma is a quantity surveyor who coordinates the Central Bill Function. She has over 8 years’ experience working with the measurement and valuation team and assisting the disputes teams with delay and quantum matters.

Ahmer Mohamed

Luke Forster
FCIArb BSC(Hons) DipAdj

Luke is an experienced Quantity Surveyor with over 15 years of project-based experience. His strong analytical skills, attention to detail and effective communication skills have helped Luke to specialise in commercial management and dispute resolution.

He has recently achieved his RICS accreditation as an adjudicator to further enhance his expertise in resolving construction disputes.

Kane Duncan-Shakes

Konstantina Trivella
BEng(Hons) Civil Eng

Konstantina is a civil engineer and construction manager who supports the delay team using her 12+ years of experience in the construction industry.

She has held various roles in the industry including site engineer, site manager, quality manager and design management. She has also undertaken project planning roles for both subcontractors and main contractors, largely on London based projects, UK.

Konstantina has extensive experience of Asta Powerproject and excels in the reviewing and refining of vast amounts of raw data to enable dynamic delay analyses to be carried out.

James Feerick

James Feerick is a Quantity Surveyor with over 17 years of experience in the UK construction industry.

Throughout his career, James has demonstrated his expertise in quantity surveying, commercial management and claims management across various construction sectors. He has held senior positions with two of the largest UK contractors, where he developed his skills and obtained a deep understanding of the intricacies of the UK construction industry.

James' experience spans a wide range of sectors, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of each industry. His ability to navigate complex projects and deliver effective solutions.

Hayley Howell

Hayley is Touchstone’s Executive Assistant.

Hayley is responsible for management of the Offices and Business administration at Touchstone.  She has over 15 years business management experience and manages the accounts and administration, as well as providing support to the team.  She handles financial matters such as client billing, accounts payable and general accounting procedures.